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Its always the const

Its always the constipated people that get me. how is not pooing for 24 hours an emergency?!? i know a man who keeps presenting with constipation and thinks the health profession is conspiring against him when they tell him to walk around, drink water and eat fibre.

We had a young lady

We had a young lady brought in via ambulance to the ED dept post sex coz her vagina was sore. i just gave her the slow blink..

Last week, I had a p

Last week, I had a patient tell me her 97 degree body temperature is definitely a "fever" for her.

A patient came to me

A patient came to me at the triage window in the ED telling me she thinks she has food poisioning. She than takes out a bag with a piece of chicken in at and asks me if we can test it….I wanted to say…this is am emergency room where we take care of sick PEOPLE ..not sit around and test meat.

one of my favourites

one of my favourites is the patient who called the police complaining that she thought she was losing her mind. they brought her in as an EDP (emotionally disturbed person) with a ton of luggage. We had to search her luggage and out comes a beautiful set of scales and a block of hash.