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Pick up the chart –

Pick up the chart – triage note says "86 year old gentleman complaining of abdominal pain since World War II". Now what the %@*! am I going to do about that at 3am? Give me a break!

I love the phone cal

I love the phone calls of people trying to make a reservation in the ER or want to get registered as a patient before they show up so they don’t have to wait. You clearly don’t have an emergency, moron.

We recently had an i

We recently had an irate family in the ED because their two year old had to wait 45 minutes to be evaluated for a hamster bite to the finger. My colleague handed them a band-aid and then said, "Oh, I guess I will put it on since you have come to the Emergency Room."

middle aged lady cam

middle aged lady came in with a sore leg, i offered her some cocodamol with water to wash it down. she refused the water saying that she hadn’t drank water for 20 years since the doctor told her she had a ‘water infection’!! she only drank coca cola now! great for her dentist, bad for us! Idiot!!

Parents decided to b

Parents decided to bring their 10yo child in tonight, 1 hour before midnight with a lump in the nostril. The mind boggles. I guess that at least they didn’t call an ambulance.