In triage, patients

In triage, patients are given a form to fill out with their information and chief complaint. So, I walk into my patient’s room with chart in hand, looking for his chief complaint….it reads….”smoked bad crack”…

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ok, called to a nurs

ok, called to a nursing home for 40 something y/o female co red spot on top of foot. Get there to find pt taking belongings out to her car, finally get her back inside, remove slippers from both feet, and see corresponding red marks on top of both. Tried to explain that it was probably from the slippers rubbing…she was adamant that she had a hx of endocarditis in her feet and this is how it started last time….really?????

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I am a 4th year medi

I am a 4th year medical student in an urban area of NJ. While seeing a crackhead who had come in for asthma exacerbation, she tells me “i didn’t use heroin yesterday cause i thought it would help my asthma, but cause ma breathing didn’t get better..i woke up this morning at 5 am cause u know they give it out for free to the first 20 customers”… she asked me for a sandwich….as soon as she got the sandwich and I turned around..she walked out the ER with her IV on. Came back next day with sepsis.

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Mom brought her 6 ye

Mom brought her 6 year old daughter in at 3 in the morning because she had dropped a brick on her toe one week before and her toenail was still blue. Mom wanted to know when it would stop. I told her it could look that way for a while and it was normal. Mom said “Okay, well that’s all we needed” and left.

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Obese teen female ca

Obese teen female came by ambulance at 4 AM worried she was pregnant. Said she stopped using condoms with her bf after a week “because he decided I was his girl now and he didn’t have to wear one anymore” I decided a pelvic was in order. I first had to tell her what a gynecologist was and what a cervix was because she was unsure. As I was about to insert the speculum, she asked if it would hurt. Her friend (in the room) says “It’s just gonna feel like a dick goin’ in.” I laughed in her face.

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