Just Needed to Pee

Pt picked up by EMS outside a liquor store for ‘sick’ complaint. EMS found nothing other than intoxication as a complaint; no trauma/CP/NV/etc. At triage pt reports “water intoxication” and inability to walk while walking to the bathroom. When pt emerged he stated he had been cured and “just needed to pee”. He then went immediately to his bed and asked for food and a drink.

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First Dose of Pills

Patient comes in to ER complaining of STD symptoms for a month. He was seen and treated the previous month for same symptoms. Pt responds, “I only took the first dose of pills that I was given, I didn’t know I had to take the rest.”

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Chest Pains and Spicy Food

Extremely large patient comes in by ambulance with chest pains and saying she had a heart attack. The story turns out that she ate a bunch of spicy food and sat in a hot tub for a few hours. After assessment, we determined that her heart was fine and the chest pains were from acid reflex.

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Excess Weight

Female patient was sitting at home watching the local news when the news did a piece about “THE RISING PERIL OF OBESITY” in society. She got so worked up that she called 911 and demanded an ambulance ride, which she got, even though her only medical complaint was “excess weight”.

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Crispy English Muffin

Female patient in ER complaining of chest pain. She was eating a “very crispy English muffin” and felt a burning sensation in the middle of her chest. She called 911, EMS assessed her and found nothing wrong but she still decided to have her friend drive her to the ER. After she told us what happened we did a quick assessment and sent her home.

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