Hello all you ‘tards – you don’t know me, nor do I know you, just like we all like it.

I want to first off, thank you for visiting this site. I started this site a few years back with the intention of bringing laughter to all who visit by showcasing the inept, crazy, and just downright retarded people who visit the ER.

Secondly, I apologize I haven’t been keeping up with the site in almost a year. Life happens and I got bored with the site. Would I like to keep this site going and posting all the funny stories that come in? Hell yes I would, but there are just not enough hours in the day to make that happen. I encourage you to still send in all those stories on the Submit a Story page and I’ll try to get around to posting it. I have about a dozen in the queue I would like to get up soon if I can find the time.

In the meantime, I also encourage you to visit the website of a side project/business I recently started – iPix Photo Booths. I moved to a new city (San Diego) and had been looking for a fun side project that would get me away from my normal job. The whole goal of this new project is to offer a photo booth rental in San Diego and the surrounding cities. So, if you live in the San Diego area and are looking to rent a photo booth for a party, event, or shit, even a bar mitzvah, I’m your guy! When you fill out the form on the contact page, just mention you are saw this note and I’ll be happy to cut you a great price.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Thanks for listening to my rambling and get back to work!

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