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Aug 16, 2018
ERTard Team

Inconsiderate TARD

When I was little(12 yo), I was in the ER after being sent from my pediatricians for an asthma attack that wasn’t responding to medication. As I’m in the room with serious SOB, there’s a woman with a ‘headache on the left side’ demanding treatment ahead of everyone else because she had a meeting to get to. I am so dizzy from lack of oxygen that I run out of the room (I noticed a restroom when we walked in) and throw up. I was immediately admitted and given oxygen after that. From my room I could hear her screaming about “That brat just pukes and she gets admitted when I’ve been here for twenty minutes?” and then she storms out. TARD.

Jun 13, 2018
ERTard Team

Still Naughty at Sixty

I work at an Emergency Center, and we had a 60 year old woman come in with a cucumber stuck up her hooha.

Jun 7, 2013

What Happens In Louisiana…

At a rural Louisiana ED, man brings himself and 3 children in after they “bumped another car in the parking lot at WalMart.” Everyone’s clearly ambulatory and in no distress. Man insists they be seen immediately as I try to prevent the three kids from dismantling everything in the triage room. He says the kids are “suffering.” Finally get all four triaged and tell them that the ED is full and that their acuity is very low, so there will probably be a long wait to be seen. Man becomes irate and wants to know how to “book an appointment” to be seen the next a.m. Inform him there is no such thing in an Emergency Department. Man leaves with still-rambunctious kids and calls supervisor to complain. Never see the man or the kids again and he doesn’t show up the next day.

Mar 5, 2013

Waiting For Her Ride

A 20-something female called 911 for vomiting once during a massive snowstorm. After being discharged, she was told the ambulance would not be taking her home. A few hours later she was still waiting in the lobby waiting for her ride, she came up to the window and told staff that we needed to provide her with a meal because she was hungry.

Mar 3, 2013

Glass of Water

When I was a resident in ED, a patient yelled at me that he was leaving because he had waited hours to see a doctor. This was at 2am. The triage nurse later told me that he had presented with hiccups and was given a glass of water on arrival which stopped the hiccups. That was at 4pm. He then left quietly.


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