I Can’t Hold Pressure

Ran a call on the truck not too long ago, 30 minutes to get to the call. Call was for “lacerations with profuse bleeding”. On scene, we find a woman who had been drinking, heavily, and was reaching for a clock that happened to be broken. She had cut her ring and pinky fingers on the broken clock, a lac that would need stitches later and she’s outside smoking with Fire on scene. FD had applied a “tourniquet” (roll gauze lightly wrapped) above the elbow. Best part, while en-route to the nearest facility, I hear her tell my partner in the back; “I’m glad I’ve got Medicaid. I can call Y’all for anything!” Also, my partner stopped the bleeding by telling the PT to hold the wounded hand above her head and hold pressure, PT responds with “I can’t hold pressure, I don’t have on gloves”

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