Are You Diabetic?

Got called to a Taco Bell for a possible diabetic emergency. PD is on scene and states the patient is a possible DUI, however PD states that she is a diabetic, so they are concerned about pressing forward if it has nothing to do with ETOH.

Paramedic: “Are you diabetic?”
PT: ” Yes”
Paramedic: “Ok, Which type?”
PT: (sobbing) “I…don’t…know!”
Paramedic: After checking her FSBS, talking to the officer, “Her BG is 86, it’s good. You can give her the DUI.”
PT: “NO! I have multiple scoliosis!!”
Paramedic: “Oh, wow… Is that like multiple sclerosis, or more like scoliosis?”
PT looked confused and was promptly arrested for DUI.

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  • Oklahoma PMED

    As the Paramedic that ran it… I assure you it was very true….

  • kilted

    We call that ‘incarceritis’ as in “Sir, you’re under arrest” reply: “I have chest pain