It Hurts When I Do This

My 10-year-old son had been complaining about pain in his right shoulder area. I made an appointment and when we finally got into the doctor’s room the doctor asked my son what was wrong.

My son put his right arm behind his back, wrenched it up until his hand was at his neck and said, “It hurts when I do this!”

Kudos to my doctor who managed to keep a perfectly straight face as he replied, “Then don’t do that.”

My son said “okay” and we left, me embarrassed as hell.

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  1. My three year old had a “strange rash” that developed at daycare. Called the doctor and they got her in the same day. Dr. asks “did you spill your drink?” Then takes a washcloth and cleans the kool-aid “rash” off of her legs and stomach!

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