Caustic Hemorrhoids

We went to a call at 2am for a 21-year-old female with hemorrhoids stating that she “can’t walk” due to pain. I ask the patient what she’s be treating her hemorrhoids with and she responds “Tiger Balm” which is a somewhat caustic topical that is NOT designed for hemorrhoids. We bring her to the ER and the triage nurse summed up our response by saying, “Oh my god…WHY!!??”

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  1. A horrible pain of hemorrhoids can cause swelling, inflammation, itching and at times bleeding. Lack of fiber can cause hemorrhoids. You can experienced constipation and painful bowel movement. Aloe vera gel, coconut oil, almond oil and many more could help for relieving its symptoms. Actually, I suffered from hemorrhoids. Luckily, I got rid immediately with the help of different creams. I also practiced myself to follow moderate exercises and proper diet.

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